WASRAG Offers Help on WASH Projects to D-3810 Clubs

September 25, 2013 - The Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG) offered all Rotary Clubs in District 3810 to help find a WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) project or program, access expertise, obtain project funding and select appropriate technologies by posting your projects in the WASRAG website: www.wasrag.org and seek help. Also considered a Vocational Service project when you register as a member of a Rotary Action Group.


WASRAG is endorsed by RI President Ron Burton and former President Sakuji Tanaka. For an introduction of WASRAG and see what they've done, view their brief presentation.

What is Wasrag?

The Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action group was formed in 2007 as a group of Rotarians, recognized by Rotary International, focused on water & sanitation work.

Rotarians are uniquely qualified to deliver sustainable solutions. They understand the culture and values of the local communities to which they belong. They are attuned to political considerations and can pinpoint problems before they become hurdles.

The world is discovering that effective programs take 3 to 5 years to be sustainable – local community engagement and appropriate technologies are keys to success. Solutions need to consider complex realities: geography, geology, climate, local culture for example. Ensuring a project is based on best practices isn’t easy, requiring skills often not readily available to Rotary Clubs.

Wasrag was created to provide the know-how, consistency and credibility essential to success over the long term. This has come together in a program called “Start with Water”.

More Information (pdf files for download):