Occidental Mindoro Visit

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3 March 2023, 12:20am
Hi beloved Mindoro Rotary family,
We are now all on the bus going to Abra and would catch the 7am ship back to Batangas port. Everyone’s trying to get night nap from the sleepless 5 days of what a phenomenal Mindoro 2023 trip that was!
Our hearts are filled with love and memories from all of you, as FG Hermie reiterated to us just now. Gov Joyce even pronounced the evident blessings on this particular trip in character with our Lord Jesus who asked them to, “bring five loaves and two fish to me.” When they did, Jesus prayed, lifted up to God, then the humanly impossible became divinely possible. Five loaves and two fish fed thousands, with even twelve baskets of leftovers. Gov felt that the loaded bus kept on giving out gifts upon gifts to no end. She led the team to thank God each and everyone of you as you do good in this world. You were all given a big round of applause.
Thank you for providing roofs over our heads. Thank you for so much sumptuous foods, as in so much, that am sure everyone, like me, had to adjust our belts 2 notches out. Thank you for giving us memories that we will always treasure-we were surprised by the welcoming dance by the kids dance troupe as soon as we disembarked Montenegro lines. Also seeing the presentation of the SPED kids caused us all teary-eyed. Likewise, seeing one particular mom broke down in tears when her special child, upon receiving one of the wheelchairs instantaneously verbalized it that it would help ease her back shoulders as she had to carry up her child everyday.
Another tear jerker was the IP’s song of the Mangyans in MEC (Mangyan Educational Center), where we also saw their bright faces as they received their goodies.
You also made way to include part of our jam-packed itinerary some RnR with your Instagramable beautiful beaches and background. We took home valuable lessons such as seeing for the first time the rendition of our Nation Anthem in sign language. Moreover, we saw the immense efforts of the Ministries without Borders-the utmost care of our foreign brothers-in-Christ to our own katutubo natives.
You made us experience, also for the first time, bathing and cleaning the hair of a common Mangyan child full of lisa. And in all this preparations, you made sure to have the 4 way test markers of our Rotary brand installed in the best locations possible. Your preparation of the Governor’s Visits and Inductions, coupled with song and dance, and all our take home gifts are appreciated greatly.
They say a good life is a collection of good memories, so In behalf of DG Joyce and the entourage, thank you for giving us a collection of good memories that would last a lifetime.
DES Mark Tan
Day 1 – 27 Feb 2023
4am – Meet up of delegates in Aloha Hotel, Roxas Blvd. and loading of  luggages and stocks
5am – Left Aloha Hotel for Batangas port while having breakfast in the bus courtesy of PLP Domarie Suniga
6:40am – Meet up with Gov Joyce and FG Hermie in Batangas
7am – arrived at Batangas Port
8am – Left Batangas port going to Abra de Ilog Port aboard MV Santa Soledad
10:30am – Meet up with SDG Melvin Parcia together with CP/PLP Louisse Parcia and PLP Merry Ann and the members of RCs of Abra de Ilog Central and Mamburao Central and witnessed a dance presentation right after disembarking
11am – visit/courtesy call to the Offices of Mayor Eric Constantino and Vice Mayor Orlando Quito of Abra de Ilog, unveiling of Rotary and 4 way test marker and had snacks at the Sangguniang Bayan courtesy of Vice Mayor
12:30pm – arrived at the Ministries Without Borders and distributed glasses and whellchairs and had a lunch courtesy of RC Abra de Ilog
3pm – Went to the Mangyan Community for the donation of toilet bowls, solar panels, lisa sachets, clothes, and hygiene kits. Installed toilet bowls and shampooing of a mangyan kid with lisa
5:00pm – arrived at the Windmill Resort and had meryenda courtesy of SDG Mary Mei Rodrigo
8:45pm – Charter presentation of RC Abra de Ilog at Windmill Resort    
Day 2 – 28 Feb 2023
7am – Breakfast at Windmill Resort 
9:30am – left Windmill Resort going to Mamburao
10:30 – Arrived at the Mamburao Rotary Center and had a motorcade going to the Bambi FM Station
11:15am – Live interview at the Bambi FM station of DG Joyce and PLPs
12:30pm – Visited the Mamburao Central School SPED Center pupils with Jollibee lunch treats by D3810
1:30pm – Lunch at Thalia’s event place by RC Mamburao Central
3:15pm – Arrived at the Karyandayan Elementary School for the water sanitation project at Sitio Karyandayan and distribution of solar lights, food packs, slippers, candies toy goodies, and hygeine kits
5pm –  Back to Mamburao Central School for the distribution of eyeglasses, medicines, wheelchair, food packs, hygiene kits and pneumonia vaccines.
4pm – Unveiling of the Rotary marker at the Rotary Center of RC Mamburao
5pm – GV of RC Mamburao Central
8pm – Induction of RC Mamburao Central at Thalia’s Events Place
Day 3 – 1 Mar 2023 
7am – Breakfast at the Windmill resort
9:30am – Left for San Jose
1pm – Unveiling of Rotary wheel and 4 way test marker at Calintaan, Occ. Min.
2pm – Lunch at MV Grandiya
3pm – Courtesy call to the Mayor of San Jose Rey Ladaga
4pm – Distribution of eyeglasses and pneumonia vaccines at San Jose National High School
5pm – visited the Mangyan Education Center and distributed rice and food packs, stainless mugs, hygiene kits and old clothes. Witnessed the District Grant of RC San Jose
8pm – Joint induction of RC San Jose Downtown, RC San Jose Tamaraw and RC Sablayan Metro at the Divine Word College gymnasium
Day 4 – 2 Mar 2023
7am – Breakfast at Sikatuna Hotel courtesy of RC San Jose
8am – Island hopping of the PLPs at the White Islands
8am – Distribution of eyeglasses, Dental care services for SPED kids
12pm – Lunch at Sikatuna Hotel by RC San Jose
2pm – distribution of glasses, medicines, mobile dental equipments, solar panels, hygiene kits, alcohols, pneumonia vaccines at the San Jose Elementary School
4pm – GV of RC San Jose/Tour for PLPs
7pm – Induction of RC San Jose at Sikatuna hotel and presentation of proposed RC of Calintaan
11:30pm – Left Sikatuna going to Abra de Ilog (730am boarding)
Photo credits: SDG Red Rodriguez
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